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Our design capabilities can answer the most complex questions.

If there is a layered product that can solve a problem, it is our determination to support the customer in finding the solution and then in exclusive production.
In an ever-changing market, our Company is ready to move in every field akin to layering to offer customers even the best of world productions. In fact, on the marketed products we operate to guarantee the same service and degree of quality as our own products.

The ability to respond promptly to customer needs is the result of an established and efficient organization from campaign to after-sales service.

Adherence to customer specifications, on-time delivery, just-in-time delivery service, adherence to trade agreements and seriousness in considering customer demands are our hallmarks of quality for ever more attentive service.

40 years of working with leading European Companies by providing them with all the products they need to make structural parts (flooring) and furniture components raw or refinished.

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Since the early days of DIY in Italy, we have been operating in this sector by providing customized services and products aimed at meeting the complex supply needs of one of Italy’s leading DIY chains.

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For more than 15 years we have been operating in the nautical sector with our Poplar Plywood, unfinished or covered with Okoumè faces, natural veneers or reconstructed woods, and thanks to our cooperation with R.I.N.A. and our in-depth knowledge of wood, we have achieved optimal results that are increasingly being met by those shipyards that choose lightness, strength and flatness in their panels.

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Doors and windows

Line for machining centers and oriented to the world of garage doors and gates. Okoumè or mixed Okoumè/fromager panels produced in any thickness and with interiors guaranteed for subsequent pantograph processing: these panels veneered with natural and pre-composed veneers. Our production lines allow us ample flexibility in providing all required formats and plies suitable for different pantograph depths.

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Musical instruments

We have been a supplier to guitar, drum and piano manufacturers for many years, satisfying the needs of sound craftsmen from the decorative, technical and quality point of view with raw Poplar panels covered with MDF or ennobled with precious or reconstructed dyed or natural woods.

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We have been supplying the most prestigious manufacturers of furniture and furniture accessories for years. Unfinished plywood, whether veneered or plated, is perfectly suited to the characteristics of this evolving sector, thanks to its versatility, lightness and strength. Added to these characteristics are the ecological aspects that make it a topical product.


We have been involved in countless special projects over the years, supplying wood panels coated according to our clients’ specifications, and guaranteeing elegance, quality, service and consistency in supply.We respond in this way to the needs of architects and companies, among them producers of Scenography and Exhibition Stands, as well as Hotel, Theaters and various entities active in the organization of Meetings and Conventions.