Brivio compensati

They say about us

The reasons why our stakeholders-customers, suppliers, partners-are happy to work together with us.

Jurgen Voehringer, CEO of Voehringer lightweight construction solutions says of us…

“The company and the Brivio family have been our partners since the 1970s. Together we have experienced fruitful and difficult times. To this day our relationship is based on trust, friendship and handshake.
Quality and behavior represent our family philosophies. We are proud of this relationship that has lasted for generations. To Brivio: congratulations on 90 years of sustainability and success.”

Nicola de Cardenas, president of Assolombarda’s Pavia office, says of us.
“Quality has solid roots,” is Brivio’s claim. I can only agree, but I add this: ‘the deeper the roots, the more the trunk – the enterprise – will soar, and the higher its branches will reach.’ Brivio is an entrepreneurial story that fascinates and captivates: over the years it has been able to broaden its fields of action, diversify its production, starting from poplar from Pavia and arriving at precious woods, higher and higher and farther. An entrepreneurial family that has always been close to our association and the life of the association, we can remember them by our side since 1945. Brivio is also a shining example of business culture, which this year the Pavia area celebrates as a national capital, thanks to its respect for the territory, for the environment, with its natural cycles, and its attention to work and people.”
Arena of Verona
Angelo Finamore Finamore Head of Verona Arena laboratories

“In the prestigious Arena of Verona, two famous operas by Giuseppe Verdi are performed, namely Aida and Rigoletto, which stand out for their magnificence. These extraordinary theatrical shows use an evocative backdrop, created thanks to the use of materials supplied by the renowned company Brivio Compensati.”

Xavier Brasset of BRASSET Eurl – France, says about us…
“I have been supplying poplar logs to BRIVIO company since 2005. It’s a company I work with trustingly. The poplar is highly valued thanks to their expertise and seriousness. They do not hesitate to pay the right price and to settle the supplier quickly. The contacts are always available. It’s always a pleasure to visit the Brivio company because over time, customers have become friends.”
The Cranchi family, represented by Paola Cranchi, says about us…

“In the late nineties – this year marks 25 years of collaboration – we began working with Brivio Compensati company, owned by the Brivio family, specialized in the production of special laminates. Over the years, we have purchased, and still do, essences, veneers with fine woods, and composite panels.

We are very pleased with this collaboration, unique and special, because we deal with a supplier who is very attentive to our requests and needs. Together, thanks to shared ideas, we have managed to establish a new way of producing with greater attention to quality, flexibility, and customer service, innovating – season after season – the products. These, developed together, have enjoyed tremendous public success over the years, and it is for this reason that we publicly thank the Brivio company and family.”

Enrico Riva Manager Banco BPM – Centro Imprese NO – VC.

“A. Brivio Compensati S.p.A.has been a historical and reliable customer for Banco BPM since 1977. The strong roots of our institute with the local entrepreneurial fabric and specifically with the Fam. Brivio, they are a source of pride and mutual esteem for us. We are pleased to continue to support the company in its growth and evolution.”

The words of the mayor of Robbio Roberto Francese

“I am the mayor of Robbio. As you can see behind me I am immersed in a beautiful poplar. Today I talk to you about Brivio Compensati, a historic company of our city, a healthy, competitive company that for years has been working for many people.
Thanks to the Brivio Compensati and a vision of eco-sustainability, many farmers in the area plant poplars contributing to the cleaning of the air, the beautification of the territory, the guarantee of an important biodiversity.
Unfortunately, economically it is sometimes less competitive than other arable land, but thanks to the Brivio Compensati, which enhances the poplar, more and more people decide to plant this noble tree, which especially in the hills guarantees safety and prevents flooding. We invite everyone to plant poplars for a better future and to contact Brivio Compensati for any collaboration proposals. For us it is an honor to host this company that for many decades from work and prosperity to our territory.”

Risi Paolo Intesa Sanpaolo Manager – Subsidiary Imprese Pavia

“Historical company of the economic panorama of Pavia, known and followed for over 30 years, which enjoys a good reputation and is judged to be able to fulfill punctually the commitments made. This is a well-established report with historical and lasting origins. The relationship with our Institute is marked by the utmost regularity and correctness.”

Dr. Alessandra Cecchini CEO Manifaktura S.r.l.

“La Brivio Compensati, con cui collaboriamo da diversi anni, è un’azienda dinamica, con solidi valori, che sa coniugare tradizione e innovazione.

In particolare noi di Manifaktura, che siamo una startup innovativa che ha per mission quella di accompagnare le aziende verso percorsi di open innovation e sostenibilità, abbiamo da sempre affiancato la Brivio compensati sui temi di economia circolare con particolare attenzione allo studio del ciclo di vita del pannello compensato (LCA) e alla ricerca di nuovi prodotti bio e senza l’utilizzo di formaldeide.”

Vittorio Porporato Owner Porporato Vittorio & Figlio S.r.l

“Sono Vittorio Porporato, titolare della società Porporato Vittorio & figlio Srl, operante da tre generazioni nell’ambito del commercio agro-forestale.

Tra i nostri principali clienti, siamo felici di annoverare la A. Brivio Compensati Spa, con la quale la nostra collaborazione dura ormai da oltre trent’anni.

La forza di questo rapporto così duraturo, risiede nel fatto che, oltre all’estrema serietà e solidità che la Brivio infonde, si è riusciti a costruire una sinergia a 360 gradi, dove, oltre a scambiarsi regolarmente pareri ed informazioni su quelle che sono le dinamiche, sempre più complicate, del nostro mercato, c’è una reciproca disponibilità a far sì che, nonostante il mercato possa essere favorevole ad una o all’altra parte, si riesca sempre a venirsi incontro in funzione delle rispettive esigenze.

Fiduciosi del fatto che la nostra collaborazione possa durare ancora per parecchi anni, auguriamo alla A.Brivio Spa un buon lavoro, e di continuare ad essere un punto di riferimento tra i leader del nostro settore.“

Dr. Maria di Benedetto Head of School Istituto Comprensivo Robbio

“For years, we have been counting on the delivery of the “BRIVIO- PREVE” Scholarships to deserving secondary school students of the E. Fermi, of Robbio.”

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Dr. Angela Lembo, Head of Wood Area at FederlegnoArredo

“A modern and competitive company that is an important player on a European level, which despite everything has managed to maintain not only its family ties in a solid, undivided ownership but also with the surrounding territory in which it bases its roots.

Materials of high value and efficiency are created from sustainable raw materials in-house.

Thanks also to continuous investments and attention to details of the selected raw materials, the company is at the centre of the market’s attention, a market that looks abroad, but always keeps in mind the benefit of the environment in which it moves.”