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Brivio Compensati has been in business for 95 years 5 months 20 days

Started artisanally with innate entrepreneurial spirit in 1929 by Attilio Brivio, in the 1950s, with the entry of his son Massimo, the business acquired industrial consistency. His technical background, the desire to measure himself in foreign markets and the strong interest in finding solutions to the problems of industry accelerated the orientation of the company and its men to the search for quality, flexibility and diversification. Today, the sons Attilio and Susanna, are strengthening this strategy even more and expanding the product range by importing technical panels for industry, sourced from the world market.
Massimo Brivio


Attilio e Susanna Brivio


So much has changed, not the passion for the work we have chosen. Always ready to get involved in the projects and needs of customers, our goal remains to offer products and service that meets them in their most complex and advanced requirements. Layering using alternative materials, improving technical/structural features are our daily work, supported by a tradition that draws its roots from more than eighty years.

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Our Story


Investment activity continues, with the purchase of two new presses and a new sander to provide our customers with greater flexibility and quality. The LCA study, included in the ARCADIA Project in collaboration with Enea and Manifaktura, is concluded. Fruitful collaboration with farmers continues, with over 20,000 poplars planted in 4 years.

Poplar Grove


50 years of Massimo Brivio’s presidency of the Robbiese Blue Cross.


The Brivio family buys the entire stake in the Brazilian company Maclinea, a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery in South America.

Brivio compensati S.P.A.


95% of production is for the transportation, marine, furniture and leisure industries. Added to it is the distribution to the industry of panels imported from leading world manufacturers.


Orientation of production toward special panels for European and U.S. industries with the layering in addition to poplar of exotic woods such as: okoumè, ilomba, fromager, ayous, eyong, mahogany, koto, tanganika walnut.

Legna per compensati
Logs for plywood production


Brivio S.p.A. becomes an official member of FederlegnoArredo, building stable relationships with other members.


Thanks to the efforts of Massimo Brivio, the company directs production toward industrial uses in England and the United States with an output of 6,000 m3/year.

Compensato nautica
Foto storiche brivio S.p.A.


A. Brivio plywood S.p.A. has been associated with the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Pavia since 1945.


Poplar plywood production.

Imprese industriali pavia
Foto storiche brivio S.p.A.


Slicing and derulging poplar logs.


Production of wooden packaging

Foto storiche brivio S.p.A.
Attilio Brivio


Attilio Brivio begins the production of wooden window blinds in Brianza.